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Our members have grown their businesses through meeting and connecting with other businesses thanks to Local Business Networking

Here's what our members have to say about being a member of Local Business Networking Hornsby & Upper North Shore.

Since joining the group twelve months ago the range of business professionals I have got to know well has gone through the roof.  Meeting the same people every week and spending an hour and a half with them over breakfast each time generates a high level of trust and accountability.  I have personally already used the services of seven different members of the group, and in the next few months will be using at least another three.  None of these people were known to me before I joined and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I would strongly recommend anybody in the area wanting to promote their business and build a network of professionals in a happy and relaxed manner to come along and meet us.  Our door is open wide.

Have you thought about doing something different in your business to grow? Have you considered what local businesses are doing to connect and generate business? Local Business Networking Hornsby & Upper North Shore, formerly UNSBC, has generated business that I wouldn't traditionally target & yet would always welcome. The connections and friendships I have established have been solid, and I know that the UNSBC "team" are an extension of my business and the results alone prove this to be a reality. What's more rewarding than helping local community leaders whilst growing your own business? I highly recommend Local Business Networking Hornsby & Upper North Shore.

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