Why Local Business Networking

Have you ever needed to find a reliable & trustworthy business or service to meet your needs?

Then you understand the value of Word of Mouth Referrals

We are Local Business Networking - a new, vibrant and refreshing business networking organisation which offers business networking opportunities with the sole aim of helping businesses grow and expand their network base - and of course, grow their sales.

Our intentions are to expand and offer membership chapters in different locations across metropolitan Sydney with the aim of expanding nationally.

Our first and established chapter is centered in Hornsby servicing the Sydney Upper North Shore area.

As a member of Local Business Networking, (Hornsby & Upper North Shore chapter), you will meet and form relationships with like minded business owners who are committed to helping each other member grow their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

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There is a one time membership fee of $90 (plus GST) with an ongoing monthly membership fee of $45 (plus GST).

Any food/beverage consumed will be at your expense, however, you may choose to contribute into a separate member pool on a monthly basis to cover your food/beverage consumption.

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