Grain and Weave

John Wilmshurst

21 Patrick Pl, Berowra Heights NSW 2082, Australia
Grain & Weave was created from a belief that your most precious moments deserve to be displayed beautifully, on the finest materials. Our love of true craftsmanship, personalisation and creativity has been combined into a unique personal experience, where your very own home becomes the entire setting to tell your story. We capture natural, bespoke contemporary portraiture in your home and then utilising combinations of stone, reclaimed-timber and museum-grade canvas we provide a boutique range of hand-crafted display pieces tailored to fit your space. All our pieces are proudly made in Australia. Capture new memories Our accredited professional portrait photographers will tell your story in a fun an! d personalised 'In Home Session'. With the focus on expression and interaction, your images will feel candid and real not staged and posed. All that is needed to capture our studio quality images is a few feet of room inside or outside, with the surroundings being contextual, or virtually non-existent. Check out our In Home Photography page to see some of our images taken in people's homes. You can also see some of our most 'behind the scenes' photos on our Instagram feed #beautifullydisplayed. Recapture old memories As well as our award winning photography sessions, you can now also bring new life to your existing film and digital photos. Whether they are old family pictures from past generations or more recent photos such as weddings or special events that you just haven't got around to printing or framing; it is now possible to enlarge, restore and preserve these images to be handed down through the ages. Check out our 'Recapture Sessions' for m! ore information. Preview on your walls in actual si! ze To truly personalise we prefer to work entirely from within your own space. This means that we can consult with you accurately on style and design. Uniquely, to ensure you can truly visualise your new display pieces, we project your images onto your walls in actual-print-size, with the ability to make adjustments in real time. For the first time, you can make confident decisions and actually see your creation without needing so much as a tape measure. Quality guaranteed - for life. Our team is has many years of high-level professional experience and this is poured into our craft. Customer satisfaction and excellence is as important to us as our products, which is why give our products a manufacturer's 75 year guarantee. This means you can be sure that your investment is one that will last for generations.

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