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Riding the Coronacoaster... Barefoot

Posted by Sharlene Townes on 21 July 2021

As we are plunged into another lockdown with ever-changing conditions and no clear end-date, we will all be impacted in very different ways.

Many of us find it difficult to remain grounded in the swirling ambiguity of a situation such as this.

The anxious mind gets lost in cyclic thinking - we catastrophise; try to plan ahead to avoid every conceivable disaster; and we drive our bodies into further distress through disrupted sleeping and eating patterns.

Many with anxiety curl inwards and avoid contact with others in an attempt to reduce stress (I call this 'the armadillo').

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Author:Sharlene Townes
About: I am a fierce advocate for the life-changing healing and personal growth possible within a therapeutic relationship. I integrate a broad range of holistic interventions, models and frameworks. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.
Tags:Health & Well-being

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