Local Business Networking (Hornsby & Upper North Shore) Fortnightly Meeting

We are a group of local businesses from diverse backgrounds whose purpose is to help each other grow their businesses through making long lasting connections.  Key to the success of our members and the group are business referrals from trusted sources.

Many of our members have attributed their success, particularly in the early stages of their businesses, to the solid and reliable referrals they have received from other group members.

As visitors, you are welcome to attend, as long as your business category is open - it's free to attend and you only pay for your beverage/food.

Contact us or come along to see if Local Business Networking can help grow your business.  

Again, our membership is restricted to one business category member only, for example, if the group already has an accountant, then no more accountant categories will be taken on for membership unless the work carried out is substantially different to that of the existing member.

Again, we encourage you to contact us to see if your business category and/or work scope is applicable for membership.

Venue:Thyme Square Cafe
Venue Address:5/43A Florence St, Hornsby NSW
Phone Enquiries:0422 987510

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