SN Architects

Soroosh Moshksar

56 Day Street, Leichhardt New South Wales 2040, Australia
(02) 8580 7817
We Design buildings that are made from strong relationships between people, communities, and the environment. Our team of Architects specializes in residential, commercial, and sustainable design. Headed by Soroosh and Neda, a husband and wife team, our designs endure time, embody quality, and manifest quiet beauty. We work to understand who you are, how you live and work, and how you see the world. We use this information as the foundation of what we create for your building. At SN Architects, we invest a great deal of emotional energy in each project. We approach every new brief with respect and a commitment to quality. We deliver projects in the most efficient way possible, using the latest techno logies. An integrated 3D approach provides the opportunity to review the design in 3D at all stages. We are able to make informed and confident design decisions using this approach. The 3D model then becomes the foundation for all the documentation. The result is greater consistency and coordination.

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